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We Offer Quality Pest and Termite Control in Weston

We Offer Quality Pest and Termite Control in Weston

Termites on Wood
12 Dec

We Offer Quality Pest and Termite Control in Weston

Whether it’s roaches, ants, termites, or rodents, you’re bound to experience the annoyance of a pest while living in South Florida. What makes these guys pests and not just normal organisms? These animals cause damage to either your indoor or outdoor property, producing no benefit to any part of the South Florida ecosystem. Pests also may impact human and animal health, transmitting illness from the outside world into your home. Not only are these organisms not good to keep in your home, but they also can become a nuisance after a while. 


Pest Control

So, what do you do when pests appear in your home? Do you handle the situation yourself? Although you may buy yourself more time, hiring a professional can benefit your home and ensure the job is done right the first time. Accurate Pest Control is the premier pest control company providing high-quality services to citizens of Weston. Accurate Pest Control has the professionally trained and experienced staff that will make sure your pest problem is taken care of the first time.



Our professionally trained and experienced staff uses high-quality resources and equipment to conduct fumigation, the most effective pest control service. Accurate Pest Control offers the safest and most effective methods of fumigation to keep your home pest-free. Our licensed pest control technicians are highly trained in the use of fumigants to ensure no pest invades or leaves your home alive.


Fumigation is a pest control mechanism that surrounds the building with a tarp and filling the airspace inside the tarp with toxic gas. Doing so allows the gas to penetrate even the smallest cracks and crevices of your property. This method ensures no pest is able to survive while being completed promptly, saving homeowners time and money. Once the process is complete, our professionals remove the tarp and clear out the building entirely, so you don’t have to worry about any left-over residue.


Unlike the competition, Accurate Pest Control’s focus is customer satisfaction. To achieve customer satisfaction, our team members deliver precise and quality service. Doing so ensures the job is done right, and you have peace of mind, no matter how long the process takes. Our professionals begin with a thorough assessment to determine the severity of the situation and decide what the best course of action is for your home or office. No matter the pest, our professionals will use highly advanced techniques, tools, and the best resources available to effectively remove the threat and prevent its spread in the property.


Termite Control

At Accurate Pest Control, our goal is to provide effective termite control at your Weston home while also taking the necessary steps to protect the environment. To achieve this goal, Accurate Pest Control uses Termistop to provide homeowners with an effective, long-term, termite solution. 

What is Termistop?

Termistop is the entry-level version of the Termimesh System, which is ready to use on all standard single pipe sizes and on tub traps to eliminate the subterranean means of entry for termites. Using construction science with marine-grade stainless steel mesh, Termistop will block termite routes for quite some time. There are two solutions that Accurate Pest Control offers with the Termimesh System, Termistop Flanges, and Termistop Blockouts. Both of these non-chemical solutions prevent termites from entering the home at the subterranean level. The marine-grade stainless steel mesh creates a physical barrier that stops termite entry. Ideally, Termistop is installed during construction at the utility penetrations, making it the perfect start to any termite pre-treatment. By utilizing Termistop and the full Termimesh System, Accurate Pest Control can achieve its goal to help reduce unnecessary pesticide applications that could cause human health problems and damage our ecosystem. 


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With the growing interest in new environmentally friendly building programs, the use of physical barriers and non-chemical termite solutions is being adapted more and more. Termistop qualifies as a physical barrier in many of these programs and will capture points for the builder in some of the green building rating systems. To get started, call us today at (954) 945-9154!