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Who Can Help with Pest Control in Weston?

Who Can Help with Pest Control in Weston?

3 Mar

Who Can Help with Pest Control in Weston?


When it comes to keeping pests out of your home, there are a lot of different pieces of advice you may find. Some people think it’s great to use certain oils around your home to keep pests at bay. Others may suggest certain cleaning routines that are reportedly foolproof. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know that there’s only one surefire way to properly protect your home against pests, and that’s using professional assistance! We’re here to keep pests out of your home with the best pest control in Weston.

There are many different pests that may try to invade your home, and different types of pests require different solutions. For insects such as cockroaches, ants, fleas and ticks, chemical approaches are often most effective. We can help keep pests at bay with spraying treatments that are safe for your family. By routinely developing chemical barriers against these pests, you can help keep their presence at bay.

Other pests such as rats and mice require a different approach. If we suspect the presence of these pests, we may use traps or baits to get them out of your home. To keep the threat of rodents at bay, we recommend having a professional from our team perform a home inspection. We can let you know weak points in your home that may be ushering these pests through the door. Then, we’ll work to reinforce weak points, holes or openings that can invite unwanted rodents inside. Many vulnerable spots are along your roof, foundation and in your patio.

Termites are another pest that homeowners all around Weston fight off. At Accurate Pest Control, Inc., we know that termites are one of the most frightening pests you can face. That’s because by their very nature, termites can typically be incredibly destructive. But not to worry, we can push termites from your home with our termite treatment in Weston. For a full blown infestation, we may help your home with fumigation or other treatments to eliminate all termites.

We also recommend using our pre-construction termite treatment in Weston. We can use subterranean barriers and blockouts that keep termites from entering your property in the first place. With our termite treatment in Weston, you can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to keeping these pests out of your home. To discover all your options for the best pest control in Weston, we invite you to call our team at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. Call (954) 584-8588 to work with our experts!