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Winterize Your Home with Rodent Control in Plantation

Winterize Your Home with Rodent Control in Plantation

Winterize Your Home with Rodent Control in Plantation


It doesn’t snow in Plantation, FL and the temperatures rarely reach freezing levels. But there are stretches during the winter when the weather does get cold. Warm blooded animals such as rats and mice are constantly looking for shelter to find warmth. If you don’t protect your home now, you may receive some uninvited guests later. It’s easy to overlook a potential rodent problem. When you’re celebrating the holidays, it’s probably the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, Accurate Pest Control Inc. has the highest quality of rodent control in Plantation, FL. Protecting your house now will go a long way to keep it safe in the future.

It’s important to understand not all pests are the same. Unlike insects, rodents are extremely clever and have the intelligence and instincts to avoid traps. Even if you catch a rat with a trap, there are likely many others remaining that will continue to reproduce. Setting up traps can almost seem like an exercise in futility. But they do serve a purpose. If you ever hear rustling sounds in your ceiling, you may want to plant a trap in the attic just to confirm the rodent problem. Another indication of a rodent infestation is the presence of mouse or rat droppings. Don’t try to solve the problem by yourself. Eliminating an infestation requires the knowledge and skills of an expert in rodent control in Plantation, FL. The experts at Accurate Pest Control Inc. have been helping home and business owners in Plantation, FL eliminate pests from their buildings since 1984. They utilize the latest techniques in rodent control by using the latest technology to ensure your home is pest free.

A rodent infestation can have devastating results on your home. Not only can they spread illness and disease, rodents also and gnaw away at your building materials. Once they settle into your home, they can be extremely difficult to remove. Rodents can cause between $500 million to $1 billion a year in property damage and health issues throughout the United States. Because of the unique climate conditions of South Florida, they are an even bigger problem locally.

The professionals at Accurate Pest Control Inc. utilize green solutions in Plantation to ensure all pests are removed through environmentally safe pest control. Some pest control services in Plantation use outdate methods and harmful poisons which can put your family and pets at risk. Remember, effective pest control in Plantation, FL is meant to protect your family. There are several different facets to rodent control in Plantation, FL. They include:

  • The use of sophisticated traps
  • Monitoring programs
  • Eliminating points of entry to a structure
  • Removing and sterilizing rodent feces in accessible areas
  • Replace contaminated insulation

Don’t wait for a problem start. Get started on protecting your home right now. Call the professionals at Accurate Pest Control, Inc. today.