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You Need Pest Control in Weston to Battle Mosquitos

You Need Pest Control in Weston to Battle Mosquitos

6 Jun

You Need Pest Control in Weston to Battle Mosquitos

It’s a familiar, but much-needed warning in South Florida, during a persistent rainy season. All of that moisture could drive up the number of disease-carrying mosquitoes, a serious issue that bears worth repeating. Keep your eyes out for standing water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And you may want to contact pest control in Weston, a smart preventative measure. One of the most environment-friendly and safest companies for pest control in Weston is Accurate Pest Control, Inc.

Get Pest Control in Weston Before It’s Too Late

We’re hoping there’s not a repeat of the scene in the summer of 2016 when officials had to launch an all-out war against mosquitoes. Remember the season of Zika? Brutal! But thankfully, so far, this year it’s pretty quiet. However, don’t take it for granted. You need to take steps now before mosquito season kicks into high gear. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water or moist places. The eggs must have standing water to hatch. Here are some areas to monitor that are prime breeding grounds for pesky mosquitoes:

Eliminate mosquito breeding sites including:
Standing/stagnant water; fish ponds; bird baths; ditches; puddles; clogged gutters wading pools; fountains; water gardens; pet bowls; stored man-made containers.

Certain types of this beautiful flowery plant can hold water between their leaves, attracting mosquitoes.

Accurate utilizes cost-effective Green Solutions to eliminate pests, using a minimal amount of chemicals. This keeps your lawn healthy and most importantly your family safe. In addition to spraying for mosquitoes, we also handle soil treatments, rodent control, pest control, and termite control.

Accurate performs all services with top-notch, highly-trained technicians, under experienced supervision. We maintain a large fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles, and we can arrive at your job site within 1-3 hours.

Summer is cook-out season. Don’t let annoying mosquitoes and other pesky pets ruin your outdoor summer fun. When you need pest control in Weston, call the professionals at the family-owned-and-operated, Accurate Pest Control, Inc., at (954) 584-8588.